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Give me a reason to walk beside you, and I'll make our path legendary

14 June 1990
:D I'm Moroccan-American
70's, 80's, adult swim, aim, alicia keys, anime, anime music, art, astrology, being busy, being me, being mean, being nice, biking, books, bowling, boys, candy, cartoons, cats, cds, chess, comedy, comic books, computers, cookies, cooking, cool, creativity, dance dance revolution, dance music, dancing, digicams, digital cable, dogs, dorks, drama, drawings, dvds, eb games, emailing friends, emo, fall, family guy, final fantasy, fire, flirting, free stuff, friends, fun, funny, geminis, guys, hanging out, having fun, hellokitty, helping people, holidays, home videos, html, hugs, icons, iming, insanity, inside jokes, internet, inuyasha, karaoke, kitties, laughing, linkin park, loud music, love, madonna, magazines, making icons, making new friends, making up words, making you happy, manga, maroon 5, midnight walks, money, moon, movies, mp3s, multi-tasking, music, music videos, my room, painting, photography, pictures, playstation 2, psychology, quizzes, rain, ramen noodles, randomness, reading, road trips, rock, roller coasters, roses, rpgs, running, samurai girl, sanrio, schfiftyfive, school, seeing free movies, sewing, shopping, singing in the shower, skateboarding, sketching, sky, sleep-overs, sleeping, snl, snow, snowboarding, soaking the sun, soccer, solitude, speed, stars, stories, swimming, t.v., taking pictures, talking on the phone, the moon, the simpsons, the sims, the smell of rain, usher, video game music, video games, volleyball, webcams, websites, weird people, writing